Hemsworth Town Council provides allotments for residents of Hemsworth, Fitzwilliam and Kinsley.

There are currently NO vacant allotment plots on our HTC allotment sites. (30/7/2020)

We currently have no paddocks available and an extensive waiting list. (30/7/2020)

Residents wishing to obtain an allotment plot should fill in our form to be placed on the relevant waiting list, so that they can be invited to attend allotment viewings when applicable. (currently full, sorry)

Please note it is the tenants responsibility to keep your details up to date (Telephone number, address and email).

Issues / Concerns please contact our Head Of Security Samantha 07423 434684 / Email:

Allotment Fires – June 2020

The use of fires to dispose of waste is strongly discouraged as smoke creates a nuisance to other plot holders and neighbours.
It is strictly forbidden to bring waste onto an allotment site for burning.
Compostable material must not be burned.
Recyclable material must not be burned.
Bonfires must be built on the same day as they are lit to prevent harm to small mammals which use unlit bonfires as habitat.
The amount of material burned must be kept to a minimum. Where possible, use alternative methods of disposal such as a household waste recycling centre.
The duration of any fire should be minimised.
Bonfires must be of a manageable size, and never left unattended. Bonfires must be fully extinguished before the plot holder leaves the site. In order to reduce the nuisance of smoke:

  • Keep smoke to a minimum by only burning dry waste
  • Consider wind direction in order that smoke does not cause a nuisance to residents of nearby properties
  • Never burn items that produce noxious smoke such as plastics, vinyl, rubber, carcasses etc.

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Allotment Holders 15/06/20

Allotments are still being targeted across the district with repeat burglaries at Cross Lane allotments, Wakefield overnight on Saturday 13 June 2020. Metal storage containers at this location were also attacked. Other allotments included North Avenue, College Grove. Offenders have forced the shed doors or cut the padlocks to gain entry. Property stolen included hand tools, a generator and a Mantis rotavator. Please check the security of your sheds and outbuildings on your allotments and consider the below crime prevention advice:

• Lock large items together – makes it harder for them to be removed in bulk.
• Consider closed shackle padlocks as they protect your shed from being broken into with bolt croppers and saws.
• Tamper proof screws – Installing coach bolts and clutch screws to the shed hinges.
• Shed bar – A steel bar that fits across the door and frame of the shed. It locks in position to stop the door being opened.
• Good quality shed hasp that protects the fixings from being tampered with.
• Removing valuables from sight – cover the windows/use frosted glass to prevent offenders from being able to see what is stored inside .
• Shed alarm – motion sensor inside the shed and a door sensor.
• Security marking – mark your items with name/contact number/postcode – to improve the chances of getting them back in the event of loss or theft.

Next Allotment Inspections 2020

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Allotment Video taken by Catherine C.

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